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let me start by saying i love aviation!. iā€™m known as mi5a or fsmaddnesspilot on youtube. in my free time i develop html or video editing and some music production. what can i do? well, basically anything because i learn something new each day, so hit me with it :) i usually spend my days editing or flying on a flight simulator @microsoftflightsimulator or developing websites to unreal engine games or rendering architectural models. also, some testing in a linux environment, or when i'm really bored, i'll go off and learn something new from youtube. the key to success always expands our knowledge, so what i do is target myself each day with "learn 1 thing today before i sleep, even if it's small", and that keeps me motivated throughout my years. i love working out and meeting new people!

Architect & Video Editor

I have 6+ years as a video editor and im still at the moment studying architecture at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

  • Birthday: 1 Nov 1999
  • Website: www.mi5a.com
  • Phone: +201000680580
  • City: Cairo, Egypt
  • Nationality: Egyptian/Hungarian
  • University: AAST āš“ Architect
  • Age: 22
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Email: michaelmitry13@gmail.com
  • Freelance Status: Available
  • Dream: Future Pilot āœˆļø


| Engineering | Video Editing | Web Development | Youtube | Network Security | Music Production | Nuke VFX | Autodesk 3ds Max | Rhino 3D |

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Skill Levels

3Ds Max95%
Video Editing100%
Revit / BIM90%
Rhino + Grasshopper55%



Michael Magdy Saad Mitry

Architectural Engineer with 3+ years of experience in Architectural Visualization and Rendering. Open-minded and a quick learner, able to pick up on new processes, systems, and technologies quickly. Excellent in multitasking skills, with previous experience managing up to 3 simultaneous projects. Known by peers for strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities especially when it comes to technology issues.

  • Cairo, Egypt
  • +201000680580
  • michaelmitry13@gmail.com


BSC of Architecture & Enviromental Design

2018 - 2024

Arab Academy For Science And Technology


Professional Experience

Web Developer

2020 - Present


  • Web Designer www.jointeamhuman.com
  • Manages The Backend of the website aswell

Video Editor

2019 - 2020

Revolution Of The Union

  • Edited Over 4 Projects With Them
  • Created a Covid-19 Promo That makes students aware of the importance of wearing masks and using alcohol.


Here you can select which category you would like to preview my work from

  • Architecture Renders
  • Videos
  • WEB

Sheraton Commuinty HUB

Design 2 Project

Vlog 7

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Juju's 21st BDAY

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Dear 2020, Thank You!

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IDEA x Stella Sa7el Promo

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Visit To The Pyramids

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YesFam Egypt Anniversary

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Sa7el Summer 2018 Montage

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IDEA 2020 Promo

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After Effects Wheel Spin

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ROTU Opening 2020

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Please contact me via my contact form below for any requests of my services


I can shoot promos and and interviews and reviews.

CAD Drafting

Send Over a sketched plan and ill make it a digital CAD drawing.

3D Modeling

i Can 3D model any object or building for you in 3ds max or rhino.

Video Editing

i can edit short films, promos, and much more in a short span of time.


Jeremy Greene

CEO Of JoinTeamHuman

That video was amazing!!!!! Wow!! Thank you VERY much !!!!

Ahmed Atef


Thank you very much, Michael, for the great effort that you did, and he lived through the work that came out. It was really perfect, a great need, and the reactions were excellent ā¤ļøšŸ’ŖšŸ»



Cairo, Egypt



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